Technology for a
more sustainable

What we want

More accessible and profitable insurance and a more productive agriculture with a low environmental impact

What we do

We create technological solutions that have a direct impact on farm profitabil-ity

Where we are going

Catalyzing the next agricultural revolution in the world by enabling responsi-ble, profitable and accurate agriculture

We are
aware of

Incrementar el número de productores que emplean agricultura de conservación en LATAM.


Reduce unnecessary consumption of agricultural inputs.
Insurance within the reach of any producer.
We seek the well-being of our employees, customers, society and the environ-ment.

Having and renewing our Company B certification helps us to live our principles on a daily basis and leave a positive footprint on the planet.

We are recognized

We belong to the 5th generation of the Wayra-Telefonica accelerator, Mexico.
We were selected among 93 companies for the SAP-Endeavor SaaS Selec-tion 2019, and were a finalist at FinnoSummit 2019.
TecReview/Grupo Expansión selected Luxelare as one of the 19 most innova-tive companies in Mexico in Innovadores 2020.

We address global issues
en el agro empezando desde nuestra casa: AMÉRICA LATINA