Everything you need to keep track of your crops in one place


No public service gives you climatic information of your plots. Imagine knowing the temperature, humidity and wind of your plots in seconds. Captum tells you just that


Unforeseen events cost a lot. Sudden rain, intense heat or low temperatures can spoil the whole cycle. With Captum you get reliable forecasts seven days in advance.

Satellite images

No matter how many hours you spend touring your plots, it is impossible to see the whole picture on foot. Imagine spotting problems in your crop at a glance. Captum gives you the ability to see your plots from the sky with NDVI and RGB images.

Digital logbook

Without a reliable recording and tracking system, problems in the field can quickly get out of control. Captum helps you keep track of your field activities, detections and expenses.


We know that you have many things to do in your day to day and you can't stay glued to your computer or cell phone. However, you need to react in time. Captum keeps you informed with weather alerts.


Sometimes the crop cycle can be unpredictable. When this is the case, it is difficult to know how much has been spent on the operation and management of the crop. Captum helps you keep track with an outline of costs by activity and by plot.