In all areas of life, many times, problems remain hidden from view until we change our perspective and the lenses with which we observe reality. And the same happens in agriculture.

The farmer who finds and solves problems early has a better chance of success, but the number of problems that can be detected with the naked eye is very limited.

Drones for agricultural monitoring have proven to be one of the most effective tools to provide the producer with the information he needs to correct problems in his crops, being especially useful for agricultural producers of high value crops and for agribusiness. However, while accessing a well-equipped drone is no longer a problem for most, leveraging the data still poses a challenge for many.

Those who make the decision to purchase a drone to inspect their crops are soon faced with the challenge of finding a tool to process the collected images and the confusion of not being able to make sense of the data. This is how many drones end up being an investment with no return.

At Luxelare, we believe that the situation of agricultural producers can change for the better if they get the right tools to make decisions that directly impact the growth of their business. Luxelare has been working every day since 2015 to improve the quality of life for farmers in Latin America by empowering them and paving the way for a more sustainable agriculture with technology.

To fulfill our ideal of digital agriculture, we have overcome countless challenges. Sometimes alone, but also, we have been able to partner with people and companies to help farmers. Today, we proudly announce our latest partnership with Solvi.

Solvi, the leading company in platforms for analysis of agricultural data collected with drones, partners with us to take the productivity of farmers to the next level.

Solvi is the preferred platform for thousands of farmers around the world to visualize and analyze drone data. Its practicality, simplicity and ease of use make it the ideal tool for anyone who wants to understand their crops in depth.

With our alliance we hope to bring the benefits of image processing obtained by drone to all farmers in Mexico and Latin America.

We invite you to stay tuned for all the activities and news that will emerge from this alliance.